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Do you ever wonder how your Grandma looked at age 16? Or do you think about what your Grandpa did in high school? What if you could get a glimpse of the lives of your ancestors when they were just teenagers? Is this possible? Yes, it is possible, by discovering pictures and personal details about your ancestors from school yearbooks.

Ancestor Profile

>> Traditionally, yearbooks contain individual and group photos, biographies, student activity summaries, original literary works, signatures, and more.

Each yearbook has the potential to provide an intimate personal profile of your ancestor. Often, when searching through yearbooks...     > read more

Family history has been a passion of mine for more than 30 years. Through the years, I have learned a great deal about genealogical research and have never lost my excitement and enthusiam for the hunt.

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Treasures In Time searches for pictures and personal details about your ancestors from our collection of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio yearbooks. These yearbooks contain information from 1867 to the 1970s.

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