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There is no cost for a search. Upon completion of your requested search, we email you with a list of what we have found.  Items are priced according to the sample chart below.  Depending upon the results of our search, a custom package may be available.

How it Works

  • You complete the free search form.  We then do a name search. If a match is found, we search the applicable yearbook(s) page-by-by page seeking pictures and personal details about your ancestor(s).
  • The results of the search are emailed to you. You select the items that you would like to purchase.
  • A purchase of three (3) or more pictures qualifies for the “Package Select” discount of 15% on the total price of all items purchased.
  • Payment is accepted by personal check, money order/cashiers check, or PayPal.  Also, payment can be made using your credit card through PayPal.  Credit card payment DOES NOT require that you have a PayPal account.
  • The items purchased are then reproduced and mailed to you.  A source documentation sheet is included with your purchase.


Our pictures and text are custom reproductions of the original "AS FOUND" in each yearbook. Some image editing and resizing may occur to enhance the original(s).


Often our search uncovers multiple pictures depicting your ancestor’s school experience. If this occurs, you may want to consider our Package Select.  This specialized package offers a discount on a multiple picture purchase. Package Select requires a minimum purchase of three (3)  pictures.  If your purchase qualifies for Package Select, a discount of 15% is applied to your total purchase price for both pictures and text.

Payment Methods
Personal Check
Money Order/Cashiers Check
Credit Card Payment - through PayPal only. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to use this payment method.

Mailing Address
Family History Treasures In Time
P. O. Box 250643
West Bloomfield, MI 48325

All prices include shipping within the Continental United States.

Sample Pricing Chart Price

Picture of Your Ancestor $27.00

Picture of Your Ancestor with Activity Summary

  • Activity Summary may include: Your ancestor's participation in clubs, organizations, and sports and personal comments by/or about your ancestor.
Baby or Childhood Picture $40.00
Picture of Your Ancestor's Mother or Father $30.00
Signature of Your Ancestor $15.00
Biography, Original Poetry, Short Story $15.00
Caricature of Ancestor or Teacher $7.00
Class History, Class Will, Class Prophecy $5.00 per page

Picture of School
With school colors and nickname

add $2.00
Picture of Popular Neighborhood Hangout or School Landmark $9.00

Picture of Classroom or Athletic Field


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