Family history has been a passion of mine for more than 30 years. I have always enjoyed the hunt for any new or unusual source of information. So much so, that I have been known to venture into dimly lit basements and attics in search of new finds. Years ago, I began picking up yearbooks at antique malls and garage sales. I was both delighted and fascinated with the wealth of personal information contained within the pages. The yearbook, filled with photos, captions, tributes and testimonials, can provide a unique personal profile of each individual.

The yearbook itself is a rare treasure often difficult to find. Therefore, the value of this source material is frequently overlooked. Traditionally, yearbooks contain individual and group photos, biographies, student activity summaries, original literary works, signatures, and more. Each yearbook has the potential to provide an intimate personal profile of your ancestor. Often, when searching through yearbooks, pictures and personal details are found about other family members as well.

Our collection of more than 1,500 yearbooks, containing over 1.5 million names, spans the years from 1895 to the 1970s. The collection includes select schools from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

Recently, our Chicago yearbooks were featured in the Chicago Genealogist published by the Chicago Genealogical Society.

It is our goal at Treasures In Time to offer a yearbook profile of your ancestor.  We hope to add a unique piece to your family history puzzle and provide a memento to be;

Held in Your Hand, Kept in Your Home, and Carried in Your Heart.

The search goes on ....

Dennis Cotter

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